What Is Pelvic Girdle Pain?

What Is Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) is pain felt in the joints of the pelvis, either at the back (in the Sacro-Iliac Joints) or the front (Pubic Symphysis). The pain is felt lower down than back pain and can radiate into the buttocks and thighs. It may be sudden in onset, or more gradual.

PGP is commonly felt in pregnancy but can occur at other times, and may also occur in men. Changes in weight and posture may contribute to this condition.

In pregnancy, the ligaments that support these three pelvic joints, relax and soften allowing more movement to occur in the pelvis in preparation for birth, and the joints and ligaments can become inflamed and painful. Sudden movement, jolting, jarring and even walking may become painful. The pain is commonly felt when rolling in bed, or getting in and out of the car, or standing up from sitting.

Usually the pain resolves after pregnancy, but the following helpful tips can assist:

  • Sleep with a pillow between the knees when in side lying.
  • Avoid jarring activities.
  • Move slowly when rolling in bed or changing positions.
  • Swing both legs out of the car door together and then stand up when getting out of the car.
  • Perform strengthening exercises for the gluteal muscles as advised by your health practitioner.
  • Use heat or cold packs.
  • Use a pelvis support brace – again as advised by your osteopath or other health care practitioner – we stock two different types of brace at Freshwater Osteo.
  • Seek help from your osteopath.