Osteopathy for Mums and Bubs

Professional Musculoskeletal Care for babies and children.

Babies may see an osteopath for several reasons. It may be for a “check-up” particularly if the delivery has been very long, very fast or requiring intervention.

  • Some of the common musculoskeletal issues that an appropriately trained osteopath may assist with, are:
  • neck preferencing – torticollis,
  • head misshapenness – asymmetry or flatness,
  • banana bending-an in utero positioning strain,
  • unsettledness,
  • breastfeeding issues – latch problems, jaw tension,
  • gross motor delays -rolling, crawling or walking delays,
  • positional talipes – in-turning foot,
  • body stiffness,
  • pre and post tongue tie release.