Dr. Elizabeth French

Originally from Tasmania, Elizabeth completed her Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sci) and Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University, Melbourne. She has recently moved back from New Zealand where she spent over 5 and a half years working as an Osteopath.

Depending on the patients needs, Lizz can be described as having a rather firm and direct structural approach, utilising soft tissue massage, fascial release, and muscle energy technique, alongside a more indirect gentle approach. She focuses on restoring muscle elasticity and joint mobility to improve the whole body function.

Elizabeth enjoys working with everyone from school age children to the elderly, with all activity levels.

With a history of representing Tasmania in rowing while at school, and having worked with many athletes in injury recovery, Lizz has learnt the importance of combining manual treatment with lifestyle and exercise advice, for optimal recovery and reducing the risk of recurring pain and injury.

She is qualified in dry needling, kinesio -taping, as well as a qualified Reformer Pilates instructors and training in Mat Pilates exercises.