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Dr. Zoe Freshwater

Having studied at Victoria University,and gaining a Bachelor Of Science (Clinical Science), and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy),  Zoe graduated in 2000 and began work in Launceston. She established Freshwater Osteopathy in 2003, and has seen the practice grow over that time.

Zoe loves all aspects of osteopathy, from the common lower back complaint to the more unusual challenges that sometimes present. She also enjoys using her post graduate qualifications to assist babies and infants. Currently, Zoe works school hours as she has two young children, but also owns and oversees the day to day management of the practice. She has completed a certificate in Infant and Neonatal Manual Therapy at Victoria University, as well as a Fundamentals course in Craniosacral Osteopathy, and both a basic and advanced Dry Needling course through GEMT www.gemtinfo.com.au . Zoe is also a qualified Barre Attack instructor and teaches small classes in the studio at Freshwater Osteopathy.

The best part about being an osteopath, for Zoe, is searching for the cause of a patient’s complaint, and the reward of seeing a patient improve through treatment and education.

Zoe “recently obtained Advanced Recognition in Paediatrics with Osteopathy Australia, meaning that she is a highly qualified paediatric osteopath.”